Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship retail orders to international customers?

Not at the moment.

Only our wholesale orders can be shipped internationally.

What will happen to the Water-based Ink when I wash the shirt, will the design 'wash-out'?


Over time, with several washes, the design will appear to 'weather' a bit. this is actually caused by 'fibrillation', a natural breakdown of the cotton shirt material where microscopic fibers stand up on the shirt and make the ink appear to fade. Because it actually becomes part of the fabric, a properly cured water-based ink will never wash off the shirt.

Most people consider this gradual, subtle fading more aesthetically pleasing than the cracking and peeling of plastisol ink.

Do Liberty Graphics' shirts shrink?

Yes. They are pre-shrunk, but will shrink up to 5% if washed in hot water or mechanically dried hot. In addition, The Universe is constantly expanding at an astounding rate, whereas our T-shirts are not which means that they are shrinking in that way too, relatively speaking.

How do you ship my order?

We ship individual retail orders via USPS, and please note when ordering it is important to include your street address. Seven dollars is charged for shipping and handling an entire retail order. Orders over $75 include free shipping.

Wholesale orders are shipped via UPS unless otherwise requested. The cost of shipping wholesale orders is added to the bill.

Can I return my item?

We fully guarantee your satisfaction. If your shirt is defective, we will exchange it at our expense or fully refund your purchase. If you wish to exchange for a different size or style, ship it back to us and we will send your replacement at our expense.

Please call (207) 589-4596 or email with any other return, refund, or exchange questions.

What makes your GLOW shirts glow and is it dangerous?

We make our designs glow by adding phosphorescent powder to the inks. It is a luminescent pigment that comes from the zinc sulfide family and contains zinc oxide.

The Material Safety Data from the manufacturer assures us that there is no health danger by absorption or ingestion. Once mixed with our ink system and cured into the shirt, it is virtually impossible to actually come in contact with the 'glow' element itself.

Do you ever bring back discontinued designs?

We have an archive of designs that stretches back over 40 years, so we are always bringing back old designs.